Trips and Visits


BIG BANG visit to Silverstone  - March 2019

A group of children were recently given the opportunity to attend the Big Bang at Silverstone.

There was a range of exhibits that the children could explore covering a wide range of concepts under the STEM umbrella.

There were Robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Construction themed exhibits promoting engineering skills.

Economics and Finance based activities to develop understandings within Mathematics. Even a stand showing Giant Snails, Snakes, Lizards and an Armadillo!


The children also took part in a Science workshop led by Atomic Science. Cosmic Chris presented a variety of experiments around the concepts of gas and liquids and how we manipulate them to achieve certain results. Hilarity ensued when the children where shown up close the effect air has on water when it is forced into a full water bottle! - Mr MacDonald


The children had a fantastic day. Here is what they had to say ;


"I like learning about the vortex because it was astonishing and was very enjoyable" - Muntasir

"The highlight of my day was holding a snake" - Kaydee

"The highlight of my day was seeing the F1 car and the vortex" - Taz

"The highlight of my day was the Science Workship because I didn't know some of the facts and it was fun " - AS

"I liked the armadillos because I learnt alot about them and I haven't seen them before" - Jenson


Explore Learning 

In the Autumn term, a group of children attended a maths problem solving event run by Explore Learning. The children had a super time and we are very proud of them for displaying super skills in team work, facing challenges and working very hard. Well done!


KS1 Visit to the woods

Our KS1 children walked to the local woods on for a science investigation afternoon. They were there to learn about all the different types of trees and plants and the insects that inhabit them. They collected and classified several different insects.


STEM  Visit to Silverstone


We were very excited recently to be invited to take a group of children to Silverstone.

Twenty five children from Years 5 and 6, chosen for their recent brilliant science work, spent the day at the circuit seeing practical demonstrations and asking questions of leading engineers about their work.

The children also took part in a very exciting KNEX competition with 3 of our pupils creating the fastest air rocket powered car!

The means that the Brooksward’s name will appear on the fin of the ‘Bloodhound Supersonic Car’ as it competes for the next world record.





Brooksward Science Club Visit to Cranfield University - and meeting Royalty!

Children from across the school attended an event at Cranfield University where they presented their ideas and designs for the car of the future.

They spent the day finding out about what the university has to offer; how aeroplanes are designed, about the development of a toilet for countries that do not have running water, transport through the ages and they even got to try out a driving simulator.

We were lucky enough to meet HRH The Duke of Kent who was intrigued by the children's designs and asked them lots of questions about the luxuries they had included such as reclining chairs and personal servants. 

We had a fantastic day. Thank you to Cranfield University for hosting, and inviting us. - Mrs Dearn

This is what our some of our children had to say :


"The best part of the day was explaining our car to the Duke of Kent" -  Lucas

"I loved trying out the simulator and speaking to the Duke about my design" - Lily

"The best things were trying out the racing car simulator and speaking to the Duke about my design" - Sergio

 "I enjoyed exploring the influential university which was full of old and new cars! I liked explaining my car design to the Duke of Kent. I also loved the free lunch!" - Gajieth

 "The best part of the trip was learning about the aeroplanes and how the toilets on the aeroplanes work. It was interesting and disgusting!" - Krish