1. What is the name of our School Council?

·         Brooksward School Council. 

2. What are the aims of our School Council?

·         Allows children to have a voice in school.

·         Involves children in decision-making.

·         Respects pupils in as partners in their own education.

·         Involves whole school community in developing and maintaining shared standards of behaviour.

3. How is the membership of the School Council made up?

·         Two children from each class from Years 1/2, 3/4, 5 and 6.

·         Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer – usually from children in Years 5 and 6

·         Any child can be nominated as a candidate for the School Council, regardless of race, special needs or disability.

·         Children cannot be school councillors in two consecutive years.

  4. How are members elected?

·         Children put themselves forwards to their class.

·         The class teacher will organise a time for the children to state why they want to be a school councillor.

·         Children will vote in their own classes.

·         Teachers will count the votes and inform the children and school council co-ordinator of the outcome.

·         The executive committee are elected in the first school council meeting.


5. Are there any issues which should not be discussed at meetings?

·         No child will be discussed on an individual basis.


6. When, where and how often will meetings be held?


·         Where and when -to be decided at the start of each academic year

·         How often – Once a month

·         How many people need to attend?

  At least half of the school councillors


7. How can members resign or be removed?


·         Children agree at the start of their year in office that they have made a commitment for the complete school year they are in at the time.

·         School Council Representatives are expected to set a good example to other children in terms of behaviour, manners and attitudes towards school and their work.

·         However if behaviour, manners or attitude are considered to be inappropriate or harmful towards other children then the Link teacher, class teacher and Headteacher will discuss and may choose to remove a representative for a temporary period of time.


8. What are the responsibilities of Council members?


·         Chair Person

·         Agree agenda with the link teacher before the meeting

·         Chair the School Council meetings

·         Report back to Senior management

·         Organise collection of ideas from School Council reps. prior to the meeting

·         Vice Chair

·         Support the Chair in agreeing the agenda

·         Minute the meeting

·         Support the Chair in running the meeting

·         Stand in if the Chair is absent

·         Secretary

·         Support the Chair in agreeing the agenda

·         Minute the meeting

·         Report to Senior management

·         Treasurer

·         To keep track of School Council spending

·         To be in charge of fundraising

·         To write a report to the Head and Governors at the end of the year

·         School Council Representatives

·         Attend School Council meetings and bring along the notebook and plastic wallet with any additional information from their class.

·         Arrange with their class teacher a regular time allocation each week to talk to their class

·         Feedback to your class as soon as possible after each Council meeting, preferably on the same day

·         Be prepared to join in with discussion and decision-making at each School Council meeting.

·         Remember to make some notes about what has been discussed at each meeting so that you can report back accurately to your class after each School Council meeting.

·         Look after your School Council badge and wear it with pride! You have been chosen by your peer group who consider you to have the qualities to succeed in this role.