Brooksward School Council 


The School Council represents the views of all of our pupils. The children are given the opportunity to stand as class respresentatives and all our pupils are given a vote.  The class reps discuss issues which have been raised by their classmates and report back to the school on them. This gives the children opportunities to develop their organisational skills and to exercise their responsibilities towards others along with ensuring their voices are heard and that they feel part of the whole school community.


This is what our school councillors have said :



It has been challenging to make a group decision when we all agree – Scarlett


I am proud that I was voted on to the school council = Pharell


We have achieved a lot raising money for charities like Emily’s Star and Children in Need -Niamh


I enjoy making decisions with the other school councillors – Michee


I enjoy being the Chairperson and running the meetings – Scarlett


I enjoy changing the school and making it a better place – Adam


I like the school council because it gave me an opportunity to contribute ideas with other people – Tahiya


We are currently raising money to get some more benches for our playgrounds - Enzo