We want to celebrate our children's success here at Brooksward so every week each class teacher nominates a 'Star of the Week'.


This can be awarded for academic reasons such as excellent writing or super maths but also for other reasons such as being a good team player, showing respect or being responsible.


In addition, classes are awarded for punctuality and attendance each week. Our Brooksward Bunnies are given to the class with 100% attendance.





Otters and Ladybirds achieved 100% attendance this week. Fantastic, well done!




Week Ending: 

12th July 2019

Golden Star Winners
Butterflies  Hannah
Ladybirds  Chase
Minnows  .
Tadpoles  Awasar
Sticklebacks  Bethani
Frogs  Zhi-hui
Watervoles  .
Otters  Dylan
Newts   Enzo
Swans  Favour
Mallards  Isabel
Kingfishers  Courtney