Music & Drama



Music Lessons 

We are pleased to be introducing the opportunity to take part in guitar lessons from next term in conjunction with MK Music Co-operative. The letter below contains more details. Should you have any questions regarding this, please contact the school office on 01908 605605.


After School Singing Club

During the Spring term, children across the school from foundation to year six have had the chance to practice and perfect their performance skills.

They have learned about new genres, from country to ballads, and have performed to the school at the end of each half term.

In KS1, we sang Love my Life by Robbie Williams including actions.

In KS2, we sang From Now On from The Greatest Showman including a dance routine.

It is great that children are asked to combine their singing with dance at school They certainly have the opportunity here at our X-Factor singing club to merge the two skills!


A couple of thoughts from the children :


 "I think the X Factor singing club is amazing because we get to sing and dance in front of people." - Amamatu

 "I think that it is good because we get to sing the best songs and we get to dance which was fun because I love dancing." - Eli




Year 3 Music Trip


Brookswards Got Talent 

WOW! What a lot of talents the children at Brooksward were able to showcase recently.
We had musicians, singers, dancers and actors.