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Talking about current affairs can offer an amazing opportunity to broaden your child’s world view. It will help to increase your child's self confidence in forming their own opinions, and to increase their understanding and empathy of what others are experiencing.

Remember that sometimes the news can worry children so by talking to them and addressing any questions and concerns you will be able to reassure them. BBC Newsround above and some of the links below are excellent sites to look at with your children.




 For more news stories for children and by children, First News is an excellent way of opening up conversations with your children    about what is going on in the world.   




The Day is an online newspaper,  primarily aimed at children over 12, so may be more suitable for our Year 5 and 6 children.



 Interested in the Great Outdoors?  CBBC's AutumnWatch website has plenty of information, interactive quizzes and fun activities.