Welcome to Year 1 and 2  

In Key Stage 1 we follow a varied curriculum that allows children to gain key skills and knowledge whilst exploring a wide range of topics .

Learning is organised into themes and taught over a two year cycle. Each theme lasts for half a term. Wherever possible, each curriculum subject is then linked to the current theme, including Science, DT, History, Geography, RE, PE, Music and Art.

Class-based learning is supported by trips and visitors, as well as theme days. Computing is taught as both a discrete subject, where we equip children with the basic skills they need but also as an integral learning tool across the curriculum.

What we are learning

Please have a look at the documents below in order to see the plan of what we will be learning over the course of the academic year.  We hope that by knowing what topics and subjects your child is learning about in school it will help to open conversations at home around their learning.


Year 1 & 2 Cycle B


Curriculum Newsletters

Please refer to the curriculum newsletters to see what your child is learning about this term.


Year 1 & 2 Summer 2024 Curriculum Newsletter

Year 1 & 2 Spring 2024 Curriculum Newsletter

Year 1 & 2 Autumn 2023 Curriculum Newsletter




Our Always Steps to Success

We want to see these things consistently in every single piece of writing the children do

Year 1

Capital Letters

Full Stops

Finger Spaces

Year 2

Capital Letters

Full Stops

Finger Spaces

Question Marks 

Exclamation Marks



Class Books 

Our class Guided Reading Books are - Super Tato, Super Worm, Traction Man, Super Kid.

We read as a group in the class room as part of our guided reading sessions.

Sticklebacks' class book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dogger and Stanley's Stick

Minnows are reading Harry Potter - The Philosopher's Stone.